BredaPhoto International Photo Festival

The exhibits for BredPhoto Fest are now on view and will be up until October 26. I’m really glad to have my work shown alongside such amazing photographers – Alexander Gronsky, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Greg Halpern, and many more. The theme this year is “Songs from the Heart.” 

Bryan Schutmaat. Fatima, last month in Phoenix. 

Bryan Schutmaat. Fatima, last month in Phoenix. 

My pal Eric Marth, woods near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

iPhone landscapes — lots more at and


Very happy to see these pictures by Jarred Gastreich from Ferguson Police department in St Louis. It’s often (too often) so hard to believe in justice, and too often all the more so if you’re an African-American or a Native American. And yet justice is so profoundly necessary. In St Louis, and in so many other places in this country.

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My work is on the cover of The New York Times Magazine today.

My work is on the cover of The New York Times Magazine today.

This is old news, but I’m trying to get more of my editorial work out on the net. Last summer, Inc. Magazine sent me to Florida to photograph Mark Pentecost, a CEO who spends his free time on his cattle ranch.

Last fall, for Smithsonian Magazine's travel issue, I was sent to Italy to make some painterly landscapes and to document the modern travel experience. The photos accompany an article by historian Jane Kamensky about the painter John Singleton Copley and a grand trip he took in the 1770s, when he shifted his focus from portrait commissions in the New England colonies to more grand and respectable biblical scenes and landscapes. I loosely retraced the Italian portion of his journey. More photos can be found here and in print.

From the Kamensky’s article:
“We’re seeing what Copley saw, but are we seeing how he saw? … Sometimes—the crowds and the audio guides and the ubiquitous iPads notwithstanding—we come close.”

Very big thanks to Molly Roberts, photo editor at Smithsonian.  

Landscape Stories Interview

Gianpaolo Arena interviewed me for Landscape Stories. Read it here.

Some installation shots from my show last month at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. 

Aapo Huhta 

Isadora Kosofsky's project “Vinny and David” is on Time Lightbox today. It’s some of the most powerful photography I’ve seen recently. I can’t say why it hits me the way it does – maybe because it feels so cinematic. 

Brilliant portraits by John Myers. (Thanks for the tip, Tim Carpenter via Darren Campion.)

There’s a nice piece on my work in the current issue of Ojodepez, featuring a short essay by Lesley A. Martin.  Thank you Lucy Conticello for the inclusion. 

I’m loving these photos by Brooke Smith of the NYC punk scene in the 1980s. More here.